Workout Wednesday: Find the Workout Best for YOU + Weekly Workout Diary

It is no secret that I love to exercise and maybe even the point of too much. Exercise has been in my life consistently for as long I can remember. I had a gym routine by the age of 14 in high school. Some years I had a bad relationship with exercise (i.e. in college I did almost 3 hours a day) and now I have a good relationship with exercise (exercising 6 days a week but no more than 45-90 minutes most days). Though I have a great relationship with it now, I have been struggling with something the past few weeks that is different.

 For the past year, I have worked in weight lifting as part of my exercise routine at least 2-3 times per week. It had been great! I have found my muscle mass has increased, and I have increased my strength in ways that I never thought I could. Though, the past few weeks, I have been dreading the day I go to my gym to weight lift. I have decreased the days I go to one time per week. This was odd to me.  It made me think? Why am I avoiding this gym time? Why am I not getting the same gratification as I was? Why am I gravitating to other forms of exercise or staying home and exercising instead? The main conclusion I came up with is that our exercise routine and what we enjoy MAY change! They can even change week to week. Some days I love going to weight lift so much that it may be three times per week and sometimes I just want to do DanceBody and be a cardio bunny. One thing that is for sure is that I need to do what I love. I do not just adopt any exercise routine because I want some fitness guru's body, I do things that increase my endorphins, make me feel good, and I find joy in. That JOY is what KEEPS me moving. 

I had a client today who showed up and had a major case of being a procrastinator. He stated this affected many areas of his life, but one of them being his exercise routine. He noticed that he only did it because he thought he HAD to. All of his exercises was done in a gym, though he mentioned that he loved doing other things such as rock climbing and biking. He was very surprised when I told him that maybe he should give himself those natural breaks from working out indoors, and work in some fun times being active. This is what will keep him going. 

Take away: Do what you love, or don't do it at all. 

I always keep challenging myself. I always wake up happy to workout. 

Workout Diary

Monday:  Tone It Up Daily Workout Moves + DanceBody Signature: 45 minutes of cardio dance + 16 minutes sculpt + Run with Maui

Tuesday: Tone It Up Daily Workout Moves + Bikini Series HIT video + 40 minutes of DanceBody + Run with Maui 

Wednesday: LIFT Exercise Heated HIIT (45-minute high-intensity interval training) + Walk/Jog Maui 

Thursday: Barbell Work: 5 x 10 of Back Squat (133#) /Super set of lunges with 15 kg plate overhead, 5x10 of Back Lunge (111#)/ Super set of landmine rows + 5x5 of deadlift (155#) + 10-minute interval of the stair climber. Run with Maui. 

Friday: LIFT Cycle- 45 minute cycle class 

WEEKEND: Barre + Cycle and resting on Sunday.