Workout Wednesday: Summer Playlist + Free Home Workout

Happy Hump Day All! 

So happy to post a new Workout Wednesday post because working out has been so much more fun the past couple weeks!  

One reason? A new playlist!

This playlist includes some of favorite jams for the summer and great tempo to run to. 

Another thing that I have been loving is using going outdoors for exercise during the week. I have been sporting tanks and t-shirts during my runs to get some sun, and on Thursday mornings JT, our EXOS coach, has been taking us outside to do our circuit training or sprints. Fresh air and sunshine make it so nice! 

Below check out what I did last week for my workouts and an Home Workout circuit that does not require weights. ENJOY! 

Summer Workout Playlist 

My Weekly Workout Diary 


At Home Workout + Run


At Home Workout + Run

  • Warm Up: Tone It Up's Daily Workout (5 Toning Moves- 5 exercises, 30 reps each) + 2 minutes of squat jumps
  • Pinterest Workout: Cardio @ Home
  • 2.5 mile run with Maui 
  • Afternoon delight: Push press + hamstring curl/kettlebell circuits @ work 


Studio Exercise


EXOS Metabolic Challenge + Lifting

  • 45-minute metabolic circuit which included 5 sprints at the end of class
  • Strength: 5 x 10 (working up to 135) of back squat with superset of hamstring curls using machine + front lunge with 90 pounds with superset of dumbell rows + 10-minute circuit on stairclimber 

Friday Fun 

  • LIFT Exercise BIKE with Emma (45-minute cycling) 


  • LIFT Exercise Barre + Bike Combo (60 min barre and 45-minute bike)

Sunday Rest

Free Home Workout 

Try this workout at home or when traveling! No weights are required but can be used to make it more challenging.