Workout Wednesday: April Playlist + Free Home Workout

Workout Wednesday is back and I am excited to share with you a bunch of amazing things to get you excited for your next workout. A new playlist, what I did for my workout last week for inspo, and an at home workout you can do the moment you wake up! 

First off, I love music and it is especially important while I am working out. Nothing is better to hype me up than a good song. This week's playlist is a fun one. Not too much rap, but a whole lot of dance. 

I am always looking for good music to add to my playlists, so if you have any recommendations, comment below with some of your favorites.

I love reading what people do for their workouts because it inspires me so I decided to share mine with all of you in my weekly workout diary. 

Spring Workout Playlist 

My Weekly Workout Diary 


At Home Workout + Run


At Home Workout + Run 


Studio Exercise 


Barbell Work @ American Barbell (Legs) 

  • 5 X 10 Back Squat x 111# 
  • *Superset with overhead lunge with 15 kg plate overhead (10 each side)
  • 5 x 10 Curtsy lunge with 85# (10 each leg)
  • *Superset with landmine rows 
  • 5 x 7 Deadlift x 133# 
  • *Superset strict press with just the bar x 5 reps 
  • 10 minutes stair climber interval
  •  2.4 mile run with Maui 

Friday Fun 

  • LIFT Exercise BIKE with Emma (45 minute cycling) 


  • LIFT Exercise Barre + Bike Combo (60 min barre and 45 minute bike)

Sunday Rest

  • Fun dance practice in my house and easy bike ride outside (6 miles) 


Free Home Workout 

Try this workout at home or when traveling! No weights are required, but can be used to make it more challenging.