New Direction and Back to Blogging

…And I am back to blogging. This year has been a very busy one. I started a new full time job in February, continued to coach clients after work, started contributing to Class Pass’s amazing blog The Warm Up, and oh yeah- planned a wedding! My brain was at capacity and I had grown a little tired of social media, seeing the same dang food recipes from health bloggers, and wanted a little bit of my life back. As of late, I became revived to start blogging with the hope of providing more than just health inspired recipes.

What have a I learned in the past 6 months?

The new role I started in February is one where I am health coaching now for a team of doctors. At first, it was hard to not be identified solely as a dietitian but I am forever thankful to myself for putting myself in this role. As a dietitian, you can get a little bit frustrated working with patients solely on nutrition. Nutrition can sometimes be the last thing the patient/client needs to focus on but yet you feel like you need to guide this person to success solely with food. As a health coach now, I get to educate patients if they would like it on nutrition (bringing my RD skills to the table) but I get to help them navigate their health through setting goals in different areas of health. There are four particular areas that play the biggest roles in our health: nutrition, exercise, sleep and stress. I have learned a significant amount on these areas and also on behavior change. I have also learned a TON about a particular population: the driven, smart, talented and hella stressed out Bay Area workers.

What would I like to do moving forward?

As you all know, I love to do recipe development for my blog but as I flourish in my new role as a health coach (soon to be board and WellCoaches certified) I want to bring education and guidance on all the topics I stated above to the site. So while you will see new recipes from time to time, you will also see informative posts on amazing night-time routines, new food products, or stress management skills.

BTW, I did get married. it was amazing.

On October 20th, I married my best friend and sexiest man alive (according to me). It was truly amazing and I have to say all the time, effort, and money was well worth it. I would never change a thing. San Luis Obispo holds a personal place in our hearts and it was the most amazing destination for a wedding. We will continue to go there for the rest of our lives and be reminded of our special day.

So here is to new beginnings!

Gabriella Vetere