How I Grew to Love Yoga from YouTube

Hello Macrobalanced fans! I am Cristina, Gabriella'a twin sister and workout buddy. I love the healthy lifestyle just like my sister and have something today to inspire you for Workout Wednesday. 

I am excited to write my first blog post for you all and even more excited it’s part of Workout Wednesday! Just like Gabriella, I love cooking fun and healthy dishes. But, fitness is also a big passion of mine and like most, my own fitness journey has evolved.

A few years ago I started to get more interested in weightlifting again after taking a hiatus due to suffering an injury in Crossfit class. After Crossfit, I returned back to my normal routine of running long distance and cycling indoors. During both of these times I very rarely did any stretching and when I did Yoga I found it too challenging because I couldn’t do the poses or it was too boring. However, once I was trying to get into weight lifting and HIIT workouts again, I would get very frustrated at my lack of mobility which would hinder my performance of certain movements like a squat or an overhead press. My shoulders and hips were tight from sitting at a desk and I found from running so much I could barely go parallel. I knew I needed to do something about it but it had to fit in my crazy schedule. This was when I decided to try some yoga videos online. Those are free, I can do it from my house, and it took the pressure off of looking like a pro-yogi.

One day, I scanned the list of videos on YouTube and found one from someone called “Yoga with Adriene.” I did the video and loved it! I then went to her website to see she had a free program called “30 Days of Yoga” where you complete one video per day. I made it a goal to complete the 30 Days of Yoga and made it goal that after work each day or any time on the weekends I would get the yoga done. The key to my success was that I could do it at home and that I held myself accountable. Since then, I have completed Adriene’s Yoga Camp which is 30 days long, and her most recent program I finished tonight before I wrote this, Yoga Revolution. After each program, especially the first, I really felt major benefits from the program and with the most recent program it reminded me how yoga should always stay in my routine.

Here are a few of the benefits

Improved Mobility

My goal with yoga was to increase my mobility and I have seen massive improvements that have given me the ability to get low in my back squat with proper form and to lift weight above my head properly. I have even changed the shape of my spine since yoga has brought my attention to  lengthening my spine in ways off the mat like standing up straight and standing while working!

Decreased Stress

This is an obvious one, but one that should always be mentioned. Yoga, like a lot of activities, decreases stress. I have also found that the breathing practices act like meditation, which not only decreases stress, but is a common practice of many successful business people!

Improved Ability to Manage Stress

Not only does yoga reduce stress, but because you practice breathing and you are more at peace, I find that it helps me manage my own stress especially at work while balancing running a business and managing client work!

Increased Confidence Doing Yoga

The best part about Yoga with Adriene and sticking to an at home Yoga program was that I could become more comfortable doing yoga poses without the intimidation of a big class. Also, Adriene builds each video to help you progress your skills and you find that by the end you even have the confidence to create your own journey on the mat with your own flow. If you do one of the programs, you will understand what I mean by this on the last day. Having more confidence in my yoga skills gave me the confidence to do classes outside of my home including heated yoga!

I know January is now over and you might not be looking for a new resolution, but any time of year is great to take on a new challenge and set goals for yourself! If you are looking to increase mobility, decrease stress, and laugh (Adriene is hilarious btw) while juggling a busy calendar, I highly suggest Adriene’s Yoga Revolution. Also, if you have completed it - let us know what you think!

Stay balanced my friends!

Cristina Vetere is my twin sister and co-founder of CS2 Marketing, a marketing consulting business in San Francisco Bay Area. She loves to work hard but also shows how to balance in healthy eating and lifestyle into the life of a CEO. Check them out at