5 Tips to Have a Better Workout Experience

I have been working for a really long time guys. I have done many different formats of exercise as well. You name it I have probably done it. Except- UJam but DanceBody is better anyway! Not every day is my best day and I don't always have a good experience.

5 Tips to Have a Better Workout Experience


1. Visualize the workout before it starts. 

Sounds super weird, but most days if I go into the workout with just visualizing how I want to look and how the workout is going to play out, it is much better. Visualizing breathing harder is one thing that helps me because during the workout it will help me to breathe and get myself consistently to breathless during the workout. That was me this morning in heated HIIT. Visualization is huge and is you want a little more motivation, check out this on Barbell Shrugged .

2. Pre-plan your workout. 

I am not the best at this when it comes to weight training but I notice a huge difference when I do. When exercising, it is much better to have a plan and keep track of those plans. You will feel much more efficient and you will be able to see progress much faster. Keeping consistent track your workouts helps also to build upon them and makes it easier to plan a workout. 

3. Look good, feel good. 

I find motivation to get to the gym and feel much better working out when I like what I am wearing and it is functional. So invest in some good quality workout gear and shoes. Also, if you love fashion, it is the extra motivation to get to buy a new set of cute clothes. :) Hello Athleisure. ; ) 

4. Bring a friend. 

Not everyone can workout with a friend, but I think it helps with motivation. Most people tend to work harder when they are next to someone they know because there is a tiny bit sense of judgement and competitiveness. Just don't spend all workout talking. Soon enough your barre dates will be canceling out your beer dates. 

5. Hydrate and caffeinate

Please stay hydrated and drink water before you exercise and during exercise. This will help you feel less lethargic and keep your electrolytes balanced. Also, to counteract the diuretic effect of possibly adding coffee to your pre-workout regime. Coffee is probably one of the most well known performance enhancer. Per Nancy Clark in the article, "The Facts about Caffeine and Athletic Performance":

There are more than 74 good studies on the use of caffeine for both endurance exercise and short-term, higher intensity exercise. The vast majority of the studies conclude that caffeine does indeed enhance performance and makes the effort seem easier (by about six percent).

Caffeine is not for everyone but it may be one thing that can help your 5:30 am workouts. I know it helps mine! 

I hope you enjoyed these tips for #WorkoutWednesday. 

Comment with what you do to have a good workout experience!