Read, Taste, and Listen: Some of My Favorite Things (July 2019)

As of recent, I started to do a weekly email blast to my co-workers where I put out articles, videos, podcasts that I listened to and would help make us better coaches. So far it has been a wonderful way not only to keep up with the latest research but also to broaden my horizons. I thought I would do the same on here but keep it fun!



I have been reading a lot about sleep and stress as of recent because I have found it fascinating. As someone who can be prone to burnout (I tend to take the hardest day on possible all. the. time.), I find the second article helpful for me as of recent.

Best time to drink coffee if you are stressed or anxious? After 9:30 AM is best for those who wake up at an average time of 6-7 AM because between 8-9, cortisol levels are the highest.

What if What’s Missing From your Life Is..Boredom! I have noticed as of recent there is so much power in just laying still and not having my brain focus on a million things. As someone who works out in the morning, works full time, takes care of a dog, side hustles, makes dinner, and does not stop until the end of the day, I related to this a lot. As someone who counsels people in Silicon Valley tech industry, I know I am not the only one who needs to take a brain break.

Smash the Wellness Industry: This article is wildly popular in the RD community right now! This is a piece by a novelist who rejected diet mentality to find better body acceptance and settled into healthier eating habits. One of the parts of the article resonated with one of my sessions from the week:

"Occasionally, when I’m stressed, I comfort myself with food, and my dietitian assures me that’s an acceptable kind of hunger too. Emotional eating is a coping mechanism. We’re told it is an unhealthy habit, one we must break, but that’s another wellness lie. It is not vodka in our morning coffee. My binges stopped once I stopped judging myself for wanting to eat the foods “wellness” vilified, sometimes for reasons other than physical hunger."

If Your To-Do List Ruining Your Life? A Daily Strategy For Getting More Done: I find that in stress management coaching, I talk about the best ways to utilize time and the second is one I go into detail about. More to make your to-do lists smarter and more specific.


New products I have tried, meals I have made and recipes I want to try. Here are some!

PaleoPro Power Coffee. Received this to try out and I surprisingly like it. It contains coffee, red beet powder, collagen and MCT powder. It is not so sweet and nice to add to cold water. I noticed it gives me a good energy level when I am strength training in the morning. I tend to exercise fasted so this is great when I really need a boost.


Healthy Cobb Salad while at CoffeeBar in Truckee. Truly a macrobalanced and tasty meal. This salad has black beans for fiber, turkey + egg for protein and avocado and bacon for fats. It also come with an avocado aioli. Washed it down with an unsweetened hibiscus tea. If you are in Truckee, you should go here for amazing coffee and food.

Summer Cobb Salad at CoffeeBar in Truckee.

Summer Cobb Salad at CoffeeBar in Truckee.


My twin sister Cristina makes some of my favorite food so it would be very important that I highlight some amazing dishes she made this 4th of July. On the right: fresh peach, nectarine, basil, and burrata salad. On the left: a fresh, creamy cheese topped with grilled summer squash, nuts, cilantro and pepper.

Some recipes that look delicious..

Strawberry Quinoa Salad with Burrata and Fresh Herbs.. you can make this even healthier by swapping burrata for feta.

Summer Nicoise Salad… Totally satisfying summer salad.

Gluten free CBD Chocolate Brownies.. I am really into brownies lately as well as interesting in getting CBD into my life more.


I listened to a wonderful two part series on the Podcast: TRAINED by Nike. Nike advisory council focuses on very similar domains as I do in my coaching role which is nutrition, exercise, recovery, mindset and sleep. In January, they did a two part series on goal setting in these areas and I found that they were spot on and gave me some good tips beyond the basics. An awesome listen to those interested.

How to Make Your Goals Stick Part 1: Nutrition, Mindset, Exercise

How to Make Your Goal Stick Part 2: Sleep and Recovery

I am very lucky to call Jessi Haggerty one of my friends and I love her podcast, The BodyLove Project. She had on her show, Tally Rye, who discusses weight inclusive fitness. Fitness is a huge part of my life which has had a great influence on me as a person but when I first started it was all about how fitness could change my body on the outside and not on the inside. Tally explain how fitness should be based on how we feel and not just changing our body. I applied this to my training recently when I have been focusing on challenging myself and the weights I use.

Tally Rye on Weight Inclusive Fitness

I added this podcast by Elizabeth Gilbert ( where she discusses that passion is not always what we need to be successful- rather curiosity is. I have been so lucky to be driven by passion to be a registered dietitian but even in my own career, I have questioned what I do by being curious which led me to the role of being a health coach. Definitely worth the listen.

Elizabeth Gilbert- The Curiosity Driven Life

It has been so fun to get back to writing for my blog again. Hope to write more often!