Smoked Salmon Collard Green Wraps with Cilantro Yogurt Sauce

Fall is here technically, but it sure hasn't been feeling that way outside. Temperatures have been ranging up to the 90s so light and fresh meals are still in the routine. One thing I have been loving is alternative wraps! Collard greens are in season and the perfect substitute for tortillas whether you are decreasing carbohydrate intake or just want to boost vitamin intake.  


Why choose collard greens? 

If you are looking to add a huge boost of nutrients, choose this recipe. The main component, collard greens, is packed with vitamins and minerals. It contains 250% of your daily value of vitamin A, 50% of your daily value of vitamin C, and also contains vitamin K and calcium. Vitamin A and C are great to consume during the falls because they are both powerful antioxidants that help with boosting immune health. Collard greens are also important for bone health by boosting calcium stores and vitamin K which act as a modifier of bone matrix protein and increases calcium absorption. 

Not only are collard greens high in vitamins, but they also are low in calories and high in fiber. One cup, boiled,  contains 62 calories, 11 grams of carb but 8 of them come from fiber. 

If all of this info has not encouraged you to try collard greens, I am not sure what will. 

Why will you love this recipe?

It is crunchy. 

It is fresh and flavorful. 

It holds up well to meal prep! 


recipe (serves 1) 


For the wrap

-4 large collard green leaves

-1 medium watermelon radish, sliced into quarter inch slices 

-1/2 medium kohlrabi, shredded (can also use shredded cabbage or carrot) 

-6 oz. hot smoked salmon (3 oz. each wrap) 

For the cilantro yogurt dressing (makes around 6- 2 Tbsp. portions)

-1 cup cilantro, loosely packed and stems removed

-1/2 cup plain whole milk yogurt (I used Nancy's organic whole milk Greek yogurt) 

-juice of one Meyer lemon

-pinch of salt 

-1/4 avocado oil 

-1 Tbsp. apple cider vinegar 


-Wash and dry the collard green leaves. With a paring knife, cut down the middle stem just enough that the leaves still stay together. This will make wrapping a whole lot easier. 

-Place two collard leaves just right on top of each, slightly off-set to make the wrap a little longer and wider. Then place the slices of radish on top, a little line of shredded kohlrabi and evenly spread salmon like the picture above. Wrap the leaves as you would a burrito. 

-Cut down the middle with a paring knife. 

-Repeat this a second time. 

-To make the dipping/drizzling sauce, place all the ingredients for the sauce in a blender. Blend until smooth. Place in a bowl. Drizzle on top or dip and eat the wrap. 

Nutrition Facts (2 full wraps or 1 serving)= 370 calories, 11 grams carb, 16 grams fat, and 44 grams protein. (2 Tbsp. of the sauce) add: 94 calories and 10 grams of fat



smoked salmon wraps.png