Tunes to Tone to! New Workout Playlist + Total Body Workout

january workout playlist 

Music is a huge motivator for me. It motivates me to drive to work, motivates me to get ready for a night out, and definitely motivates me to get moving in the gym. Can you imagine a workout routine without music? With that said,  I am always on the hunt for new music. Haven't made a new workout playlist in a while? I got your back. My January 2017 Workout playlist is live and here for you.  

Now that you have your tunes, let's get to toning. I designed a work that you can do anywhere. At the gym, in your house, or at a park. 

The cardio block will get your heart rate up, strength contains moves to tone the whole body, and cool down will work your abs at get your heart rate back to baseline. 

Total Body Workout 

All you need is a mat and some space to move your booty. This workout is quick and effective without lifting up a single weight. Try it and let me know what you think. #macrobalancedbody