My Newest Home Workout Obsession

Who is totally rocking their New Year’s exercise goals? Exercise tends not to be an area that I form resolutions for rather I form new goals every month! Endorphin junkie over here! Even though I didn’t need one more go-to workout to add to my list, I found a workout program that is very new and exciting thanks to my twin sister Cristina. I want to share it with you all because it may just get you to start exercising if you don't. The workout is called DanceBody by Katia Pryce and it will rock your body. Hard. Which is good because I want her abs. Hard abs. 

I have never done dance. I have never done Zumba or U-Jam. I dance like a total goober. All these things made me nervous to try it, but I still did! For all of you in New York area, you have the luxury of going to a DanceBody class in person, but all of us here on the West Coast can stream it online. I find the DanceBody at Home the coolest part. Able to mess up and be totally cool about it.  I have been doing this for a couple weeks now and just a few times per week to accompany my weight lifting routines. It has also been a great way for me to workout at home and not stress about getting to the gym. Below are a few reasons why I fell in love with DanceBody. 

Here are the reasons why I love it.

  • Fun Cardio!

    If you mention cardio to most people they think running, biking, cycling, etc. DanceBody is truly straight cardio but you forget you are actually doing it until you are dripping with sweat 6 minutes in.

  • Not only cardio but also SCULPTS muscles.

    Katia and friends do a great job of mixing in plyometric movements into her dance routines and created “Sculpt” videos which use light weights, ankle weights and Thera Bands for building muscle tone. It’s a great way to work on small accessory muscles (great for weight lifting gals like me to complement) and all the movements work on tightening the core.

  • Newbies to masters can be challenged. 

    There are two workout calendars online. One is labeled JV which is for beginners and the other is for more advanced dancers. (Once you graduate from JV.) I found this comforting because it has allowed me to learn the basics and get used to dance. I keep getting better each time I do it and continue to do different classes multiple times to see if I can master the moves.

  • More time to spend at home and still get a good calorie burn.

    I used to leave early every morning to go workout at the gym/studios and I found that was becoming a selfish thing to do when I have a dog (basically my baby) and boyfriend at home. Yes, I still leave about 4 times per week, but I have made it a habit to stay 2-3 days at home.  Having the ability to just tune in at home has allowed me the time to sleep in and also allow my pup to be inside in the morning. Another plus? My calorie burns are basically the same, if not better, doing this at home compared to my workouts in the gym.

  • Little to no equipment needed.

    All you need are shoes, a yoga mat, 1-2 lb. hand weights, Thera Bands and 1-2 lb. ankle weights. DO NOT get anything higher than 3 lbs. Even if you can deadlift 130 lbs. TRUST ME.

If interested in trying it out, head over to Let me know if you try it and what your favorite song to dance to is. Mine so far is "Slow Motion" by Juvenile. 

Links to equipment:

Thera Bands 

Hand Weights

Ankle Weights 

**The studio recommends 1-2 lbs. max. 

Check out next Wednesday for more things fitness related. Going to keep up with the #workoutWednesday posts.