Crunchy Cabbage Apple Slaw with Yogurt Dill Dressing

With Memorial Day coming up, this is a perfect side to bring to a BBQ. It is also perfect for summer meal prep. Cabbage is a cruciferous vegetable that can withhold marinating in a salad dressing without wilting and can actually get better with time. I had it three days in a row for lunch and it never got old. My favorite topping? Tuna! It was a perfect mix of lean protein, fiber, and healthy fats. 


recipe: (serves 4) 


For the slaw:

-1 apple, diced 

-1 medium-sized green cabbage, chopped into easy to eat pieces 

-1 cup celery, diced 

-2 scallions, diced 

For the dressing:

-1 cup plain yogurt (I used a grass-fed which gave it a great earthy taste)

*(Note: If you would like to make this dairy free, use plain cashew or almond milk yogurt) 

-2 Tbsp. avocado oil 

-2 Tbsp. apple cider vinegar

-1 Tbsp. mustard 

-2 Tbsp. chopped dill 

-1 Tbsp. all natural maple syrup

-a touch of cayenne 

-salt and pepper to taste 


1. In a large mixing bowl, place all of the cut vegetables. 

2. In a smaller bowl, place all of the dressing ingredients and mix well. 

3. Pour the dressing over the vegetables and mix well. Let sit in the refrigerator for at leat one hour. 

4. Serve! 

Nutrition Facts (per serving): 145 calories, 13 grams carb, 7 grams fat, and 4 grams of protein. 

MACROBALANCED TIP: Pair your slaw with a lean protein such as BBQ chicken ot tuna and add in some red potatoes for healthy carbs. 

Carrot Cake Protein Smoothie + Macrobalanced Protein Smoothie Guide

This week in the Bay Area has been a scorcher. Currently, a high of 92 degrees as I write this right now. When the weather starts to get warm, I immediately crave post-workout smoothies. There is a method to my madness when it comes to making a Macrobalanced protein smoothie which I will explain below. 

How to make an MACROBALANCED Protein Smoothie 

  • Clean Protein

Aim for a protein source that is either natural (Plain Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, egg) or a protein powder that is all natural. I recommend a whey protein isolate with less than 5 grams of sugar. (More on this, I recommend a previous post here.)

  • 1 Fruit

Aim for just one serving of fruit if possible such as 1 banana, 1 cup of berries, etc. Keeping the fructose in moderate amounts helps ensure steady blood sugar. 

  • 1 Green 

The best way to sneak in greens into the diet is adding it to protein smoothies. Macrobalanced favorites: spinach or baby kale. 

  • Low sugar milk or juice 

Use a liquid that is low in sugar such as unsweetened almond milk, vegetable juices, or regular milk for those who tolerate. 

  • 1 Healthy Fat 

The best way to ensure that the smoothie will help you feel full for a few hours is adding in some healthy fats. I usually add about 1 Tbsp. of a nut butter and chia seeds or hemp seeds.

Recipe (serves 2) 


-2 scoops vanilla protein powder

-1/4 cup cottage cheese 

-1 cup fresh organic carrot juice

-1 cup fresh spinach

-1 large banana 

-1/2 tsp. ashwagandha (optional)

-1 Tbsp. unsweetened flaked coconut

-1/4 tsp. vanilla extract 

-1 tsp. cinnamon + nutmeg 

-1 Tbsp. almond butter 

-1 cup ice. 


1. Place all of the ingredients into a blender of choice. Blend until fully combined and smooth! 

2. Drink up for good health. 

Nutrition Facts (per serving): 334 calories, 33 grams carb, 10 grams fat, 34 grams of protein

Workout Wednesday: Find the Workout Best for YOU + Weekly Workout Diary

Workout Wednesday: Find the Workout Best for YOU + Weekly Workout Diary

It is no secret that I love to exercise and maybe even the point of too much. Exercise has been in my life consistently for as long I can remember. I had a gym routine by the age of 14 in high school. Some years I had a bad relationship with exercise (i.e. in college I did almost 3 hours a day) and now I have a good relationship with exercise (exercising 6 days a week but no more than 45-90 minutes most days). Though I have a great relationship with it now, I have been struggling with something the past few weeks that is different.

Strawberry Buttermilk Quickbread with Crunchy Granola Topping

Strawberry Buttermilk Quickbread with Crunchy Granola Topping

Adding buttermilk to bread and desserts is a foolproof way to make any baked good tender and moist! This bread was a product of having some leftover buttermilk from making Cinnamon Roll Pancakes (YOLO eat them at least once) and having strawberries that were going to go bad. What turned out was amazing! For my gluten free ladies, instead of all purpose flour, use King Arthur or Bob's Red Mill Gluten Free All Purpose Flour. 

Perfect Roasted Artichokes with Parsley and Olive Dip

Perfect Roasted Artichokes with Parsley and Olive Dip

Health Benefits of Artichokes

  • Very high in antioxidants, rutin, quercetin, and gallic acid. 

  • Have cardio protective properties by helping to decrease cholesterol from the compound, cynarin. Cynarin is seen to naturally lower cholesterol. 

  • Artichokes are GAP diet approved and can help aid digestive health and decrease IBS. 

  • Very high in fiber which aids in weight reduction. 

Workout Wednesday: All About Protein Supplements + Weekly Workout Diary

Workout Wednesday: All About Protein Supplements + Weekly Workout Diary

Happy Humpday! I actually cannot believe it is already Wednesday. With that, we are half way through the week, have you worked out yet? Come up with your goals for the week you want to work on? All things I ask my clients to think about at the beginning of the week. A week without a plan is probably a week without exercise. Determine the day, the time, and the workout. If you plan it out just like your work meetings, it will happen. 

Pretty in Pink: Coconut Flour Strawberry Muffins

Pretty in Pink: Coconut Flour Strawberry Muffins

I hope these pretty pink muffins gain as much attention as the horrible pink drink that debuted this week aka "The Unicorn Frappuccino" from Starbucks. Not to say I am against having treats, but this wouldn't be my treat of choice. It won't kill you though, so don't fret if FoodBabe made you think you were going to. But couldn't we have stopped at Unicorn toast? If you like pink food and aren't looking to have 59 grams of sugar in one sitting (i.e. refer back to Unicorn Frapp nutrition facts), you came to the right place! These babies are naturally pink with the help of some beautiful beet and yogurt puree. These muffins can also be made totally allergy friendly which is a huge plus for all my dairy free, gluten free, paleo, vegetarian, and etc. peeps! 

Workout Wednesday: April Playlist + Free Home Workout

Workout Wednesday: April Playlist + Free Home Workout

Workout Wednesday is back and I am excited to share with you a bunch of amazing things to get you excited for your next workout. A new playlist, what I did for my workout last week for inspo, and an at home workout you can do the moment you wake up! 

Spicy+Sweet Cabbage & Radish Slaw with Yuzu Citrus Dressing

I am obsessed with salads and you will start to notice this as the years go on. I usually love to highlight the vegetables that are in season because they tend to taste so much better raw. Here I am highlighting two different types of cabbage, purple and napa, and two different types of radish, watermelon and daikon. Ataulfo or "champagne" mango add a bright burst of sweetness that pairs well with the spicy dressing. 


recipe (serves 4-5) 


For the salad:

-2 ataulfo mango, cut into small cubes 

-1/2 large head of napa cabbage, (~3 cups raw), roughly chopped

-1 small purple cabbage, (~2 cups raw), roughly chopped 

-2 small daikon radish (~ 1/2 cup), diced 

-1/2 large watermelon radish (~1/2 cup), diced 

For the dressing: 

-3 Tbsp. Trader Joe's yuzu hot sauce (or some kind of citrus + vinegar based hot sauce) 

-juice of 1 large lime

-2 Tbsp. apple cider vinegar 

-1/3 cup avocado oil or extra virgin olive oil 

-dash of cayenne pepper 

-1 Tbsp. coconut sugar 


-Place all of the chopped vegetables and fruit into a large salad bowl. 

-Mix all of the salad dressing ingredients into a jar and shake until fully combined. 

-Dress the salad and let it marinate in the refrigerator for at least one hour. 

MACROBALANCED TIP: This salad can be made and used in your weekly meal prep for 1-2 days. I love to use it as a base for my lunch salad. I make it complete by adding grilled chicken or tuna. 

Nutrition Facts (per serving): 213 calories, 20 grams carb, 15 grams fat, and 1 gram protein. 

Low Calorie Flavorings for Homemade Salad Dressings

I love to make my own salad dressings at home and there are items I love to add for flavors without many calories.

  • Fresh herbs

  • Spices 

  • Hot Sauce 

  • Citrus 

  • Kraut Juice 

Comment below if you have any good ideas on how to make a low calorie dressing at home. I would love to hear your ideas.  

Creamy Spaghetti Squash Alfredo + Healthy Pasta Swaps

Creamy Spaghetti Squash Alfredo + Healthy Pasta Swaps

do believe that all foods can fit, but if you are trying to meet your weight loss goals sometimes regular pasta just doesn't seem to make you satisfied. Spaghetti squash is a perfect low carb option for all my pasta lovers and a great swap for everyone dealing with gluten issues. Can't do dairy? No worries! This dish is gluten free, dairy free and paleo. Keep reading below to find out my other favorite pasta swaps! 

Curried Tuna Salad Cups with Avocado Oil Mayo

Curried Tuna Salad Cups with Avocado Oil Mayo

Canned tuna is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get in lean protein on a budget and when you need lunch in a pinch. Trader Joe's and Whole Food's have great varieties of tuna and even have Safe Catch Tuna which is tested for their mercury levels if that is of some concern. I do asked a lot about mercy content and what people should choose for their fish intake. I have below a great infographic from the FDA that shows you portion size and the fish that are best to eat 2-3 times per week. So what health benefits does tuna provide? Tuna provides protein (7 grams/ per ounce), and omega-3 fatty acids which can help decrease inflammation. Best to keep your tuna intake to about 2-3 times per week. 

Warm Chia Seed Cereal Bowl

Warm Chia Seed Cereal Bowl

I have always loved the idea of hot cereal in the morning, but I find that oatmeal or any other porridge leaves me feeling starved and unsatisfied or overly bloated. I can have oats in small amounts, but who can eat just 1/2 cup of oats and be ready for the day! I like to have a hot cereal that has substance and will keep me feeling full and ready to take on the day. Chia seeds are a staple in my yogurt parfaits and I decided to play with them to make a hot cereal. What I came up with was fantastic and can be reheated as leftovers with no issues! 

A Case for Working Out in a Fasted State

A Case for Working Out in a Fasted State

Grab a cup of coffee and let's talk. Let's talk about something that causes a lot of controversy in the world of athletics and sports nutrition. Recently, I was in a group of dietitians and they brought up, "what do you eat in the morning before your workout?"  So many chimed in with yogurt and fruit, an egg and some milk, etc. I quickly thought about it and came up with one answer, nothing. I don't really eat anything before my workout in the morning and I do not think that is a bad thing. Mind you, I wake up at 4:40/4:45 and my workouts typically run between 5:00 am to 7:00 am.

Cherry Berry Beet(iful) Protein Smoothie

Cherry Berry Beet(iful) Protein Smoothie

I continue to search for ways to make smoothies delicious, but lower sugar. This recipe I decided to use something I have never used before, but heard it is amazing. I use STEAMED cauliflower along with steamed beets. Beets add some sweetness to the smoothie and cauliflower adds creaminess. The only thing I caution is try not to stain everything pink! 

Coconut Almond Mocha Granola with Blue Bottle Coffee

Coconut Almond Mocha Granola with Blue Bottle Coffee

Coffee is basically the best thing in my life. It gives me a nice warm hug in the morning, it gives me energy to take on the day, and it is super tasty. Coffee doesn't just have to show up in a cup. Here I used tasty Blue Bottle coffee grounds in my granola. Sounds weird, but it comes out amazing!